Turkish Tobacco TOBACCO after the 18th century was a traditional agricultural production. , There are many regions of Turkey . It produce in order to meet domestic consumption and export.Different types of tobacco are produced in our country at the same time these types changing by region. 98% of sun-cured Oriental tobaccos are produced in Turkey. The remaining part of the the production are dark air-cured (Cigar), flue-cured (Virginia), light air-cured (Burley). Divided into four groups according to the production of Turkish tobaccos. Aegean, Marmara-Thrace, Black Sea, Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia regions are grouped as tobaccos. Turkey, 2.5% share of world tobacco production. Turkey, exports each year 400-500 million U.S. dollars to provide income ve 22.3% in total export revenue of agricultural products remains important.  OOriental type of leader in the manufacture of tobacco  36% share of total production of oriental tobacco. In recent years seen an overall reduction in the amounts of the world's total tobacco production. Flue-cured and burley tobacco production in the total world increase their share tobaccos, oriental type tobacco continues to decline rates. According to data from the 2003 estimate; Tobacco production in 64% of the Aegean, 14.5% of u Black Sea, 2.9% Eastern, 14.2% Southeast, and 4.2% in the Marmara Region. Considered, tobacco is grown everywhere but, the best of each type of tobacco is grown in countries and regions. Flue-cured, Oriental-type, Burley, Maryland and Cigar the major tobacco types, such as, each one of the best areas are known to grow.