Land is processed for the cultivation of tobacco in the fall. Farm prepared for  planting in spring.  Seeds, wetted in water before planting and  planted in early spring. Field must be in place on a sunny and watering and fertilizing should be done well. Opened in the fields where seedlings were planted when there is 6-8 cm. Planting is usually done after the end of cold weather in May. Also at the beginning of flowering for good and high quality tobacco leaf on the plant so that 10-15 is cut from the top. This process naem is cut tips. Tobacco grown in 90-120 days. Began to be harvested from the beginning of July. Harvesting is done manually in the early hours of the day. The drying process is done in several ways (in the sun, warehouse, chimney drying). After drying the leaves are wetted with water in warehouse Then leaves are after leaving arranged and shipped to trade. Quality is very important to tobacco. Climate is very important for the quality of tobacco, for this reason, must be grown in a specific climate and soil conditions. It grows well in Sandy-loam, humus and water does not hold soils. Selected by experts from many parts of the world of tobacco in Virginia, Burley and Oriental tobaccos, as you will find tobacco.